This Guy Talks About How Feminism Is Being Used As A Tool To Treat Men Unfairly!

This Guy Talks About How Feminism Is Being Used As A Tool To Treat Men Unfairly!

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“How dare you talk to me like that?! Wait till I post a status on Facebook about it. My feminist friends are going to go berserk and it’s sure to make a headline too. You’d be behind the bars for at least a year!” Mrs. Khan threatened her poor husband for reminding her that she had been out the whole day and that the kids had gone to bed without dinner, waiting for her to get back.

In another case, another woman, Shaista, keeps beating her husband any time she wants. It only takes one look from Mrs.Aziz for her husband to do what she wants him to do.

As you might have guessed by now, I enumerated all the cases where men (Yes, you read that right) falls victim to women’s violence or abuse. And excuse me for pointing it out, dear ‘feminists’, but this is not the first time. I am all up for the equality of genders because I would not deny the fact that there are households which repress and abuse women, but sadly, our modern day feminists think it nothing but a fad. It has become fashionable to speak for women today, wrongly in some cases, speaking up and demanding their rights. It greatly upsets me to see that most of these people are not even aware of the true meaning of feminism.

Source: The Indian Express

Before I talk about how people today have twisted the meaning of this movement, let me shed light on what feminism really is. It refers to a movement which demands equality for both the sexes: males and females. I hear almost everyone crying and protesting against the wrongs done again women. Good.

But where is the male part in it? There are men being wronged in this world, as much as women. But I don’t hear these feminists standing up for them. I’m sorry, but is this really feminism, in its most essential form?


Sadly, let alone speaking for them, I see people who misuse the privileges bestowed onto them at the hands of feminism. They wrongly use it as a tool of threat and wrongfully acquire favors all because we have granted this level of freedom to these so-called ‘feminists’.

Do you want to be a feminist? Pick up Quran and understand what Allah says. Truly there is no religion that is more comprehensive than Islam and no religion allows this level of equality to mankind than Islam. Be it man and woman, rich and poor, black and white, all are equal in the eyes of our Deen and that is exactly how it should be! Islam portrays feminism at its best.

It is my humble request from anyone who has even an ounce of fairness in them to not mislead or hoodwink anyone in the name of feminism. It is a truly respectable sentiment and nature which deserves to be applauded, not misused! Think about it.

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