“Thank You, Abbu” – The Last Message Sent By PK661’s Air Hostess To Her Father-in-Law

The uncertainty of life can be seen through the sudden deaths that take place around us. We wake up every morning, thinking we have another day to do everything we have scheduled. We are so occupied in our lives that sometimes, we forget that in the end, we all have to go back to Him – the place where we actually belong.

2016 has been a heavy year on Pakistan. We lost Pakistani legends Abdul Sattar Edhi and Amjad Sabri and faced a number of horrific events. Bidding farewell to 2016 in the most tragic way, we saw how 47 innocent passengers were taken from their families in yesterday’s PIA plane crash in Chitral.

The plane crash is declared a national tragedy – we lost our pop musician legend-turned-Muslim Scholar Junaid Jamshed. However, there were 46 more individuals who had no idea were fate was taking them. Among them was air hostess Asma Adil.

Asma Adil – Mother Of Two

Just like everyday Asma left her two children, a 4 year old named Talha and a 1 year old Umme Hani, with her in-laws before going to work.

Asma’s father in law told media that he had called Asma earlier yesterday to talk to her, but there was no reply. “The children were with the grandfather and grandmother. I called her but there was no reply. But after fifteen minutes, I got her message in reply saying ‘Thank you Abbu!’,” – his father in law couldn’t control his tears while sharing this with media.

Asma’s father in law told media how caring and loving Asma was towards her family. “She was very a good daughter. She took care of everyone in the house. She was my adorable daughter.”

Sadaf Farooq was the second PK661 air hostess who lost her life in this tragic event.

daily pakistan

daily Pakistan

Sadaf was a member of PIA for the last 8 years.

We Lost Captain Pilot and Co-Pilot As Well

Captain Saleh Janjua and Co-pilot Ahmed Janjua were operating the ATR-42 turboprop plane last night.

Daily Pakistan

Daily Pakistan

It is tragic how everything can change in seconds. Who knew Asma would be leaving behind 2 young children without a mother. Life is uncertain – make sure you decide to turn away from all the bad things in life and set yourself on the path that can change you. Junaid Jamshed lived this example for all of us.

Rest in peace, all the fallen victims. Please recite Surah Fateha for the deceased.



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