The Real Face Of Smart Lockdown In Sindh Is Distressing

smart lockdown in sindh

As the government eases the lockdown, people flock to streets and markets to start preparing for the coming Eid. The people can be seen violating the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) set by the government to control the coronavirus spread in the country.

After weeks of conflict with the Federal government on how to control coronavirus pandemic, the Sindh government finally agreed to follow their strategy and lift the lockdown in phases.  The pressure is also mounting across the globe to ease the restriction slowly to allow some breathing space for suffocating economies.

However, as soon as the lockdown eases, people again proved to be ignorant about the ongoing situation. The shops and small markets started their businesses from Monday morning. Since then, there have been a lot of traffic flow and a rush on the main streets of Karachi. People are avoiding general coronavirus precautions. Social distancing was also neglected by the citizens.

The real face of smart lockdown

Moreover, Twitter is filled with the posts which showed the current situation of the so-called smart lockdown.

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Ease in lockdown

The Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah announced last week that shops in residential areas would reopen from Monday. However, he added, the restrictions on shopping malls, wedding halls, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of public gatherings would remain in place till May 31.

He appealed to citizens to remain at home as much as possible despite the lifting of the lockdown.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech said, “Lockdown will be lifted from Saturday in phases. Why are we doing this? We are doing this because our people are suffering. Yes, the [coronavirus] cases are rising, as are fatalities. However, we always knew that this would happen. Our concern was that the number of cases shouldn’t rise so high and so rapidly that health facilities are burdened”.

While many are appreciating the ease lockdown decision, but with this ignorant behaviour by the people, there is a strong worry about the further escalation in the coronavirus cases. Hopefully, the authorities have some plans for that as well.

Also, it’s not only the government’s responsibility to take care of the society but it’s us who can make the difference with the way we behave.


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