Imran Khan To Lift Lockdown Despite Increase In Cases And Pakistan Disagrees

Imran Khan To Lift Lockdown Despite Increase In Cases And Pakistan Disagrees

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Coronavirus, the lethal virus which has encircled the whole world, is soaring. The pandemic led to the lockdown of the whole world including Pakistan. However, recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he is going to lift the lockdown.

The premiere in his speech said, “Lockdown will be lifted from Saturday in phases. Why are we doing this? We are doing this because our people are suffering.”

“Yes, the [coronavirus] cases are rising, as are fatalities. However, we always knew that this would happen. Our concern was that the number of cases shouldn’t rise so high and so rapidly that health facilities are burdened,” asserted the premier.

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“That has, fortunately, not happened,” said Khan; and, maintained that though the number of cases is soaring and the curve is aggrandizing, the increase is slow and steady.

Besides, the premier added, the lockdown will be raised nevertheless intelligently and in stages.

Prime minister Imran Khan continued that people are anxious and worried about the possibility of the virus spreading more; However, the government has to cogitate about the financial repercussions of the virus.

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Moreover, he said, “Every business has been affected by this lockdown.” He stressed that low-income classes have been hit the hardest.

“The government has given the biggest relief package in Pakistan’s history,” said Imran Khan. He indicated to the construction package and federal government aid packages.

“For how long can we do that though?” he questioned and said that the national treasury is overburdened with this catastrophe.

Admitting that the virus will take time before it is tackled internationally and there is the possibility of a second wave, PM said coronavirus cases in Pakistan have not reached its peak as of yet.

“No one knows if that will happen this month or the next. However, we can’t afford to remain in lockdown continuously as our people are suffering financially,” said Khan.

Besides, the PM urged the public to be sensible and follow the precautionary measures. Imran Khan also warned that though the menace of COVID-19 remains, the government is raising the lockdown as the situation is controlled as of yet.

However, people across on Twitter disagrees with the premiere and says it is the worst step of the government.

Worst Decision

From 1 may till today, 8057

‘Still, so many cases are unidentified’

‘The growth rate will increase exponentially’

‘Such a joke’

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