BREAKING NEWS: NY Governor To Take Tips From Pakistan, Says Murad Saeed

Smart lockdown by Murad Saeed

Well, Shakespeare said it right, “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.” Murad Saeed, as claimed by many, is the cue to turn off the TV as every time he steps up, it indicates that the relevant part of the NA session is over. Backing this claim is his statement from the NA session that suggested New York Governor be taking tips on “smart lockdown” from PM Imran Khan’s strategy.

The way he stands up and confidently shouts this claim, it only makes a fool out of himself for stating such a conjectured assessment. What is he really trying to suggest? His ill-informed attitude in politics? Well, let’s see what the Twitteraties are saying.

Twitterati’s take on the matter

People are constantly poking fun at him for his inability to blurt authentic information. Every single time he stands up to deliver a speech, people know it’s going to be blindly in the favor of PTI and against PPP. So nothing that he says is unpredictable. Except for this one time that no one saw coming, hence the trending bit on Twitter.

People just won’t leave a chance to exercise their skill of sarcasm, and rightly so, at this particular event:

We have some more, some of the best ones right here:

Then we have those who like to look a bit forward with their imagination, humor, and criticism:

Alright, so this one has us in fits:

If Pakistan’s politics is only about fun and games then this was entertaining, more like a slapstick at the end of a meaningful session. But to be taken seriously, this attitude has to be eliminated for it risks the sanctity of representation. Sindh, recently lifted the lockdown, is currently at risk due to the people who are not following SOPs.  Something that Shehzad Roy also alerted the authorities for.

Far be it for us to expect “smart lockdown” in Pakistan, and then this federal minister for communication, Murad Saeed, to blurt something logical and authentic.

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