This App Is Totally Changing the Game of Making Payments in Pakistan

Forget Cash and Cards; This App Is Totally Changing the Game of Making Payments in Pakistan

The digital scenario in Pakistan has revolutionized in the past few years. As smartphone users continue to rapidly grow, more and more measures of convenience are being introduced and effective solutions are met to automate the access to facilities for the general public. Now you can book a cab, order food, buy goods and can enjoy a vast range of services just running your fingers through few steps on your device. So, why not make payments?

Similarly, a time shall come when physical money might completely be a thing of the past. We are already verging towards the first step of revolutionizing making payments for almost any service in Pakistan. A new application has just launched which aims to make digital payments and being the primary medium of making payments.

Forget cash and your wallet; let your smartphone handle everything!


SimSim by FINCA is an application that is totally changing the game. You can make digital payments instantly at no cost at all. All you have to do is display your QR code prompted on your app at an outlet and you are all good. Over 800 merchants including restaurants, gyms, electronic shops are on board and accept digital payments via SimSim. So, you can make payments on the spot, costing you no charge, most conveniently and in the safest way possible.

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Want to watch your favorite movie without making the journey to acquire tickets? SimSim it!

Need to pay bills? Avoid queues? Feel a security risk? SimSim it!

Ran out of mobile credit? Need to top up without going to a merchant shop? SimSim it!

Want to break free of the hassle of putting details, entering credentials while transferring money and paying bills? SimSim it!

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On the other hand, you can keep track of all your transactions. Route funds directly to your primary bank account as well, and make use of complete visibility of your activities. You can also open a bank account with FINCA and link it with your SimSim app. Besides, you can transfer funds into other accounts and avail discounts and special offers on certain services! Download the SimSim app now and break free from the hassle of carrying cash and wallet and save your time!

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