A Famous Shoe Brand in Pakistan Causes Social Media Outrage by Releasing a Sexist Ad

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. They state that when they are saying negative things about your brand or an organization, there is nothing wrong with that because your brand’s name is still on their minds and people are talking about it.

In the literal sense, if it is good or it is bad, as long as people are talking about it, the companies are satisfied with this. However, given how the advance 21st century is now becoming extremely woke, they don’t remain quiet on the things that cross the code of ethics.

Such Can be Said in the Recent Print Ad, Or Let’s Say, Publicity Stunt Pulled by Shoe Wear in Pakistan

One of the leading shoe brands in Pakistan, Bata just printed an awful ad displayed on the outlets in various locations. The add reads, “Womanizer and comfortable with it.

Facebook: Rizwan Naeem

According to Oxford dictionary, the womanizer means, “A man who engages in numerous casual sexual affairs with women.” This tends to conclude that women are taken as a weak gender and men who take advantage of women by leading them.

This has Caused a Social Media Outburst for all the Right Reasons!


Somewhere here Believes the Picture is Fake

People are Demanding Bata to Take the Picture Down!


While the exact location of the poster is still not shared on social media, this ad is indeed extremely upsetting, seeing how a leading brand such as Bata casually talks about it.

The brand not only needs to take down the ad but definitely needs to issue an apology for hurting the sentiments of their buyers. Of course, as for publicity, it is a great act and must be beneficial for the brand too. However, given how people of age groups – school going, college/university going and adults shop from the shoe brand, the message they are giving out is extremely wrong.

A prompt movement to take off the ad needed!


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