Sherry Rehman is Angry Over this Move by KPK Police but People Don’t Agree with Her

When it comes to political figures commenting on the work done by the opposition party in charge, it always catches a lot of fire. In Pakistan, not many political parties have satisfied the locals in terms of their performance. Having this said, whenever the person in the opposition comments or raises fingers, the locals ambush him or her, shutting them down for their lack of efforts.

Similar to This is Happening with Senator Sherry Rehman on the Social Media

Being in the Sindh Senate, Rehman has been accused of a number of things by the opposition parties and the locals as well. She was reminded of all of this when she asked the chairman of PTI Imran Khan on why the faces of women were blurred from the painting in KPK.

Mocking the Naya Pakistan, here’s what she tweeted:

She raised the concern of why did the KPK police paint over the face of a female printed on the truck.

Locals on the social media answered and shared how the woman on this artwork displayed the private parts and therefore, they were hidden.

And More Users Started Commenting on the Post

Somewhere Seen Crossing the Line

Apparently, this is Happening All Over KPK

And Here it Goes

Picture of Sherry Rehman Smoking was Shared on Social Media as to Defame her

Perhaps Sherry Rehman’s lack of awareness regarding the reformations happening in a different state of Pakistan caught up to her and people started bashing her.

Regardless of that, people commenting on her character and her appearance was utterly disgraceful as well.

What’s your take on this move by KPK government?

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