Poem: She’s Not Your Punching Bag

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It’s never okay to hit a woman
Why must you hurt her in order to show your power
Why this desperate need to show everyone who’s in charge
She’s a human being , not a punching bag


A mother’s heart is with her children

Just because you she doesn’t hit you , doesn’t mean she can’t
Something is holding her back
Maybe it’s the fear of you hurting her children in return
Maybe she’s still holding on to the possibility of you changing your filthy ways


Never okay to hit a woman!

Maybe she’d rather be your punching bag than lose you altogether
Or maybe it’s because she loves you way too much to hurt you
But this is what you don’t get
Abusing her doesn’t make you stronger , It makes you a coward

You hit her in order to weaken her spirits
But she gets back up each time more stronger than ever
So who’s the hero here ?

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Never okay to hit a woman!

And just know , one day she will fight back , with all that she’s got
Maybe tomorrow , or maybe a month from today
All those scars you gave her will turn into battle wounds
And finally you’ll understand her true power

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