Unique ‘Saudi Themed Wedding’ In Lahore Grabs Pakistan’s Attention

Saudi Theme wedding Pakistan

Unconventional weddings have become a recent trend in Pakistan. People try to make their BIG DAY memorable by using unconventional wedding themes and styles. After seeing afternoon weddings, farmhouse weddings, village themed weddings, and Bollywood themed weddings, we have come across another unique style wedding held in Lahore.

A couple based in Lahore had a Saudi style wedding that caught our attention. The groom, as well as his family, was seen wearing Saudi top [Saudi Arabia cultural dress].

Saudi theme wedding Pakistan

source: KuwaitTimes

The groom revealed that he was born in Saudi Arabia so he always wanted to get married, Saudi style. He said he has 10 siblings and his father is based in Saudi Arabia for the last 56 years. They moved to Pakistan a year back.

The young couple also gave the message of ‘Nikkah Ko Aam Karo’. It became a recent trend of social media when an 18-year old couple Asad and Nimra’s wedding went viral.

Nikkah Ko Aam Karo

When 18 years old Asad and Nimra got married, the couple’s wedding videos and pictures went viral on the internet. Both the girl and boy are teenagers and they had a love marriage. However, soon they took social media by storm. People start criticizing the couple for getting married too early. While some felt that the marriage won’t last for long, many supported their intentions to get married soon rather than having an affair.

Since then, ‘Nikkah Ko Aam Karo’ became the top trend in Pakistan.

This is not the first time people have witnessed an extraordinary wedding in Pakistan. There have some really extravagant weddings in the history of Pakistan in the past as well.

Last year we saw a village themed wedding which includes a bunch of different animals being showcased in the wedding setting. Bulls, goats, pigeons, ducks, horses, parrots, peacocks, pythons, and even lions were showcased. The couple’s entry was set-up on a tractor.

However, with all this, we aren’t sure what people are trying to prove, other than adding burden to the breadwinner of the family.  Is impressing others really more important than actual happiness?

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