What On Earth? Salman Khan Fans Bathe His Film Poster In Milk & Burst Firecrackers Inside Cinema

What On Earth? Salman Khan Fans Bathe His Film Poster In Milk & Burst Firecrackers Inside Cinema

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With a fan following like none other, the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan saw an unusual scene when his fans poured milk on his film poster and exploded fireworks inside the cinema hall upon the release of his new film.

In addition to sharing videos of both incidents that occurred over the release of his film Antim: The Final Truth, Khan also offered a word of advice for his fans.

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Kayi logon ko paani naseeb nahin hota aur aap aise doodh waste karr rahe ho. Agar aapko doodh dena hi hai, toh aap gareeb bacchon ko pilayein jinhe doodh peene ko nahiin milta [Several can’t even afford water and you people are wasting milk like this. If you want to give milk, please give it to the poor children who can’t afford it],” he wrote.

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Khan also shared a video where fans could be seen bursting firecrackers inside a film theatre. The actor penned a note requesting everyone to refrain from bringing explosives to screenings.

“I request all my fans not to take firecrackers inside the auditorium,” he announced, sternly. “[Doing so] could prove to be hazardous, endangering your lives and others’. My request to theatre owners is to not allow [anyone] to take firecrackers inside the theatres. Security should stop them from doing so at entry points.”

The superstar assured everyone he had no issues with anyone enjoying his films or celebrating their release. “But please avoid this, it is my request to all my fans. Thank you!” he concluded.

The movie is an adaptation of the Zee5 Marathi crime drama Mulshi Pattern. Presented by Salman Khan Films, it also stars Aayush Sharma and has received a positive response from critics, as well as fans.

According to the Hindustan Times, Antim: The Final Truth recorded a slight growth on Saturday with total collections reaching around INR100 million. The film was released on Friday with an opening collection of over INR40 million.

Khan recently came under fire for not speaking out when a contestant in Bigg Boss 15 made Islamophobic comments to a fellow housemate.

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