Rosie Gabrielle Shares How Pakistan Changed Her Life, Introduced Islam!

rosie gabrielle pakistan

Canadian solo traveler Rosie Gabrielle wrapped up her 2019 solo Pakistan tour, of 11,000km, and nearly 10 months of a lifetime experience.

Nonetheless, the motorcyclist had quit her job 3 years ago, in order to pursue her dream of traveling solo and documenting it through Youtube videos.

rosie gabrielle on how pakistan changed her life

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After my series in Oman went viral. I saw what a difference my videos could make especially for the Muslim community on an international level. This really inspired me to want to come to Pakistan because I knew what a negative view the media has on the country, and I wanted to change that,” explained Rosie in response to negative stereotypes attached to the Muslim world.

Rosie shared her experience of how this one way trip to Pakistan has changed her life. She tells her experience of how she was suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies.

Life After Embracing Islam

Above all, she has described how her perception of life has greatly changed along with her journey. Especially after she accepted Islam. For her, the last decade has shown her how Islam is a religion of peace. However, she feels like it is one of the most misinterpreted topics in the world.

Like all religions, there are many interpretations. But, the core of it, the true meaning of Islam, is PEACE, LOVE, and ONENESS. It’s not a religion, but a way of life. The life of humanity, humility, and Love. For me, I was already technically a “Muslim”. My shahada was basically a re-dedication of my life to the path of Oneness, connection and Peace through the devotion of God.” said Rosie.

rosie gabrielle on how pakistan changed her life

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Rosie’s Retrospect On Life After Her Journey

For her, this journey has been quite blissful for her as it has changed her retrospect on Pakistani people and the Muslim community. She quotes on how amazingly courteous Muslims are and how they have brought her to their homes, despite judging her on her color, caste or creed.

She mentions in her recently uploaded video on social media that the world needs to wake up. Through her video, Rosie has shared her insight on how a lot can be learned from the Pakistani people. The perception about Pakistani Muslims has always been in the limelight, and the world needs to change that.

Subsequently, this could be done by treating every single person as equal to yourself and disregarding all differences. She feels that there must be no difference in what people believe, what they wear, or what color or caste they are from.

Through her experiences, she conveys the message that the world needs to see what humanity feels like and how life is beyond hate and disrespect, and how peace and harmony are essential in life.

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