Ramiz Raja Asks this Player What Is Cricket Called in Chinese and the Answer Is Sharam Naak

We are having an exciting season of PSL 3. Lahore fans are crying, Karachiites are elated and pretty much the same could be said for Islamabad, Peshawar and Multan fans. Apart from gigantic sixes, stunning knocks and epic scorelines, what is keeping the atmosphere warm is the quality banter of some people both on and off the pitch.

Talk about banter, you can absolutely count on the likes of Ramiz Raja, the former cricketer and now commentator. This guy seriously finds outrageous ways to give us a good laugh.

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First, he would simply leave us in a laughing fit due to his double-meaning commentary. Then, his post-match interviews with several Pakistani players. Oh, how can we forget when Ramiz Raja started singing “Afghan Jalebi” when Imad Wasim got embarrassingly dismissed!

Now Ramiz Raja took an interview with a Peshawar Zalmi player who happens to be Chinese… and it did not go as you would expect!

So, Ramiz Raja started off on a lighter note with this player. Then, he moved on to asking him a simple question: what do we call Cricket in Chinese? AND HIS REPLY IS EVERYTHING!

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BOY, OH BOY! Who even expected that to come from? We all know what it sounded like, none can deny that absolutely.

We urge to ask why these weird things only happen when Ramiz Raja has to take an interview? It has been more than just a coincident now, for sure. This video would probably remain one of the major highlights of PSL and why not, it has the perfect level of quality banter.

Social media was on a roll with reactions to this particular video. Those who have witnessed so far simply cannot stop sharing this video. Even Mr. Raja knows what’s going on here!

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