The Narrow Minded Pseudo Liberals And Conservatives Of Our Society


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This article was originally submitted by Amber Zaib

So, we have our pseudo-liberals who are trying too hard; to be in the lines of those who are being claimed as the coolest generation; of this era, and on the other hand we got our conservatives; who are stubborn to the hilt, won’t let their deep engraved benightedness; go at any cost, even be it at the cost of theirs and others lives.

These two strata or factions of our society that see each other with such mean and disgruntled gaze; with a vexed facial expression and some smirking hatred; oozing out of their eyes. Never do they know that they both stand at the same parallel line; when it comes to the narrow mindedness of both.

We have the narrow mindedness of our pseudo-liberals; who would always stand with their armour ready to pounce on someone; if there is even an iota of odour or some speculation that seems to be choking their freedom; without cross-checking the facts without putting in their mind or knocking some sense to inquire the facts first. Simply just being instigated by some and ready to defend their freedom, so apt and skilful in making a mountain out of a molehill.

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Then comes the narrow mindedness of our conservatives

Who wouldn’t back off from their worn-out beliefs even you make them see people dying of this virus; they would come up with phrases like “its all Jewish conspiracy against Islam, it’s not worth worrying; it’s nothing serious. A person who offers prayers and performs ablution cannot get this and there isn’t any need to pay; heed to scum the doctors have been screaming about.”

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I mean where is the logic, where is your rationality? It might be grazing in the pasture land, so both of them are just some innocent puppets; instigated by some playful minds and they are ready to dance; as well as follow the pursuit of their instigators.

Too narrow-minded are the pseudo-liberals and too narrow-minded are the conservatives. Therefore its the narrow mindedness that is winning the race and calling the shots; among these two classes of our society.

Side note: this is in context to the controversy stirring around #maulanatariqjameel and the attitude of the conservatives of our society to the pandemic.

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