Pakistanis Share their Parent’s Reaction when they caught them Smoking

We asked a few people around about how their parents reacted when they caught them smoking for the first time. Many took a long sigh of relief that their parents still haven’t caught them, but they were sure about one thing: If they do, they are definitely going to get their pitthi laal.

What say? Show shuru karein?!

1.”When my dad found out…” *Shivers*


“There was a plastic chair for little kids in front of him, in a blink of an eye, it was on my face.”

2.”I got caught smoking in the bathroom”


“Mom slapped me and started crying with ‘tumhy yeh din daikhnay kay liye parhaya likhaya tha kay bathroom mein cigarette peetay hue pakray jao?!”

3. “I was 8. Stole a packet from my father’s stache…”


“Climbed up a tree and started smoking. Got caught when dad figured out a packet along with (ME) were missing.”

4.  “I only got busted when I was in 5th class”


“And I shared a puff with my younger sis, Bus na pocho uskay baad kinnay chittar paye si.”

5. “My mother took a pani wala pipe and beat the hell outta me”


Well, guess what? This wasn’t all. Even girls where part of the survey. Here are some of the experiences with their super awesome parents.

6. “Once my mom ran out of maachis at home”


“She came straight into my room and asked, “beta lighter hai? Maachis khatam, I was like. Umm…Yeah!
She was like dey do, beghairat insaaan!”

7. “My husband and I were smoking in the room”


“Father-in-law opens the room, ignores the obvious smoke and says, “ghar main cigarette ki smell aa rhi thi lagta hai  koi bahir pee raha hai kiun k hamaray ghar toh koi peeta nhi hai!” Becharay shareef aadmi.”

8. “My dad came to know that I smoke not only cigarettes but weed too”


“For real. And then one fine day, when I came back from my uni, he slapped me like anything at the gate! Charon tabak roshan hogae thay mere us ek chamat se!

9. “My mom looked at my bhara hua ash tray”


and said: “Ye din dekhne se pehle me mar q nahi gae?!”, in a very melodramatic way and left the room.

10.”I told my mom that I had a smoke today.”

Tenor Gif

She was like “Han, bas yahi sab krna reh gaya hai ab, thore din baad sharab bhi try karlena phir chars bhi peene lag jana…”

These were few of the replies we got from people and had a really good laugh! Hope you did too. Share your experiences in the comments below and tag your smoker friends!

Note: We’re certainly not provoking anyone to smoke and it was only for those who smoke. 

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