Pakistani Men Confess Why They Cheated On Their Partners

Confession #1:

Source: Nairobi Wire

I had been in a relationship with her for three years. Despite our age difference (she was 25, I was 22), I felt like this was someone I could spend the rest of my life with. But I messed up. Big time. I went to Australia for university and one night (after months of a long distance relationship), I cheated on my partner with someone else. I felt guilty as hell and told her everything over a video call. She remained quiet until the very end when she started crying and hung up on me. We stayed in touch but she couldn’t look past the horrible thing I’d done. Because of my lack of loyalty, I’d lost the girl of my dreams. I’m heartbroken but also glad because she deserves better than to spend the rest of her life with a cheater.

Confession #2:

Source: Lady Charmaine Day

Mine was an arranged marriage. My mother picked out a girl for me, we were engaged for a few months and then we got married. Our time together was not the best. Our personalities were extremely different- we clashed over the littlest thing. One afternoon, when I was at work, she called me and we had a horrible argument. I threw my phone across the room and it smashed against the wall in front of me. My secretary heard the noise and came inside to check on me. She asked me if everything was okay and, for some reason, I told her everything. She comforted me and became a person I felt comfortable ranting to. Things happened between us and even though I could have stopped it, I didn’t. I continued to see her behind my wife’s back for over a year. By that time, my wife was ready to split up with me. So we got a divorce and went our own ways. Do I feel bad for cheating on her? Yes. Is it my fault? Yes. I should have never agreed to the arranged marriage set up by my mother. When you marry someone who isn’t your soulmate, you set yourself up for failure. It should have been an arranged marriage where I got a chance to know the person better.

Confession #3:

Source: Absurd Intellectual

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. We have two daughters, both of them married and living outside of Pakistan. Was our marriage a happy one? I like to think it was. We both loved each other. So it came as quite a shock when I found out she was cheating on me. She gave me her phone to make a call and when I unlocked it, she received a pop-up message from a man called Tahir W. Without meaning to, I accidentally clicked the message. It was a picture of a man’s genitals. I scrolled up and saw my wife had been sending naked images in response to him as well. I handed her the phone back, collected my keys and left home. I took a couple of hours to compose myself before returning and pretending that nothing was wrong. If she’d cheated after 25 years with me, I clearly wasn’t enough for her. I let her continue her affair and eventually cheated on her myself. And that’s how it’s been since.

Confession #4:

Source: Pixabay

My girlfriend and I were high school sweethearts. When we graduated from university, we got our baat paki and everything seemed perfect. Until one night when we both were out with my family and a bunch of our family friends. I had stepped outside for a smoke when my dad’s best friend’s daughter joined me. She came onto me and pushed me against a wall. I would like to say I tried to push her away but I didn’t. I started responding to her actions and that’s how my wife found us. It should come as no surprise that our baat paki was broken. I broke her heart and I will never stop regretting it. Nothing can justify my actions.

Confession #5:

Source: Time

My wife never made time for me. Whether it was her job designing houses or going out with friends, I could never have a proper conversation with her. It was like my issues and troubles were irrelevant to her. I started bottling up my emotions and before long, my mental health was in a horrible state. I started staying late at work, drinking with whoever wanted to. One night, after I’d had a bit too much whiskey, I ended up going to my manager’s house with her and woke up in her bed. I felt like shit. I knew I had to come clean with my wife but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I sat her down and told her I wanted a divorce. To my surprise, she agreed. I ended up never telling her about me cheating on her but I still feel like I should have ended things with her before seeing someone else. The guilt of betraying her, regardless of the kind of person she was, will stay forever.

“Everything was perfect but I had to let go of him” – Story Of A Girl Who Was Left With No Other Choice

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