An Open Letter To My Ex Boyfriend – ‘Thank You For Leaving Me’

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Hey, Ex-Babe!

Remember me?

It wasn’t long ago when we were planning our future together, fantasizing about our honeymoon, naming our future kids… You promised me forever and I promised you my eternal love! You treated me like a princess, showered love unconditionally, cared for me, stood by me, stood for me and made me feel like I was the luckiest girl alive on this planet. It was almost like I was under a spell… a beautiful spell of your enchanting words, spontaneity and steaming romance. Your words… they still echo in my mind and leave me speechless for hours. I never believed in love, you made me a believer.

Remember, how I started giving up everything you disliked… late night study plans, 9-5 job, even talking to my closest friends. Remember, how my whole life started revolving around you and I started being there for you ALL THE TIME! I don’t know when you became the most important person in my life and when to make you happy became the sole reason of my existence.

Our little world was sweet but full of hurdles. I always thought our love was enough to pave our way through our struggles, but I was wrong. You failed the biggest test of our relationship… you caved when our relationship needed you to take the most dreaded step. Instead of making efforts to make things right for us, you left, without any warning…

I was shattered when all of a sudden you said goodbye and left me alone. For months I lied lifeless on my bed, staring at the ceiling fan, my eyes following its slow circular rotations and wondering what went wrong, where did I go wrong that I lost my most prized possession! Even at that time I was blaming myself, thinking of you as faultless… perfect!

Things changed when I heard that you got into another relationship right after our breakup with someone beautiful, confident and successful. Someone you could brag about in your social circle to boost up your ego. It was like an eye-opener for me! Something struck and I decided to cut short my mourning period and move on! I said to myself “If you could do it, why the hell am I behaving like an unwed widow?” I started seeing things from a completely different angle. Babe, you never loved me! You never wanted to marry me, or stay with me for that matter! You needed a trophy to overcome your complexes not a soul-mate and most certainly I wasn’t fitting the criteria. Have to give it to you for playing along so well all this time. I realized that the only thing we had common was our love for YOU!

People used to tell me everything happens for a reason, I used to laugh at them, but now that I have a greater purpose in life, I actually agree with them and want to thank you for leaving me…

Thank you for making me realize that I am better off alone…

Thank you for cutting me off with my friends, you made me become conscious of the fact that I still have people who care for me regardless!

Thank you for all the pain, you made me strong.

Thank you for betraying me, you made me a better judge of people.

Thank you for making me feel worthless, you made me explore my true potential.

Thank you for crushing my ego, you made me more determined to become successful.

Thank you for shattering my dreams, you made me a realist.

Thank you for the heartache, you made me humble.

Thank you for all the tears, you made me human.

Thank you for all the lies, you made me intolerant to bullshit.

Thank you for making me hit rock bottom, you made me fierce.

Thank you for not being there for me, you made me independent.

Thank you for leaving me bewildered, you made me figure out the right direction.

Thank you for exiting my heart, you left space for someone better who truly deserves to be there.

Thank you for leaving me… Thank you for leaving me.

Forever Indebted to you,

Once The Love Of Your Life… Now A Perfect Stranger.


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