‘Pakistan Soon To Start Bio-War In India Via COVID-19 Infected People’

pakistan india bio war

Well, that’s what our neighbor is claiming. Indian media never fails to amuse us even in this crucial time of coronavirus crisis. Everyone knows how unconditionally India loves (read hate) Pakistan that it never fails to accuse it of every wrong that happens in the country.

Yet again, India has come up with another interesting take on the rising coronavirus cases in the country.

Indian media has recently reported that Pakistan is planning a ‘Bio-Terror War’ against India to increase the coronavirus cases. According to them, Pakistan will soon send COVID-19 infected patients to spread the virus in India. They have also come up with a stupid theory that few suspected Pakistanis stranded in Nepal will be sent to India through the border near Nepal. They are claiming that “people trained in Pakistan will be moved-in from the borders in Nepal”. Indian media also has claimed that Pakistan is undermining India’s efforts to fight coronavirus.

Here’s the exclusive report by one Indian news channel Times Now, which is all about accusation and hatred towards Pakistan. After Indian Muslims, India finds Pakistan as a scapegoat to cover 7000+ coronavirus cases in the country.

No one is convinced with Indian theory

However, we are not at all surprised by India’s new discovery. It has always come up with bizarre revelations that do nothing but amuse the world and of course, us.

Pakistanis are enjoying every bit of it and having a ball on Twitter. We must appreciate Pakistan’s sporting spirit. It takes India’s repeated silly tantrums every time with fun.

Even Indians feel that the Indian government got no job other than always accusing Pakistan.

Coronavirus exacerbates islamophobia in India

Moreover, the deadly virus has impacted the entire world. Earlier, they claimed that Tablighi Jamaat Muslims are spreading coronavirus in India.

A campaign was launched on India’s mainstream as well as social media against Tablighi Jamaat and Muslims in general. They have been accusing them of deliberately spreading the virus in the entire country.

However, an amalgam of about 400 scientists came out in defense of the religious group. They have recently said there was no evidence to support the claims that a Jamaat event at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi was responsible for the rise in COVID-19 cases in India.

Pakistani ‘donkeys’ also behind coronavirus

Furthermore, last we remember, India had claimed that Pakistan exported donkeys to China to spread coronavirus in the country. A BJP leader had also suggested that cow urine and cow dung were the possible remedies to cure coronavirus.

Well, Indians ‘actually’ believe that cow dung and urine could cure coronavirus. They even held a ‘cow dung’ party after which many Indians had to be hospitalized. 

Ah, why are you like this neighbor!


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