As Per India’s New Theory Pakistani Donkeys Caused Coronavirus!

coronavirus in India

India has had relatively few confirmed cases of coronavirus – but there’s been plenty of misleading [and funny] advice on how to tackle it.

The current number of infected patients in India are 166, after 13 being cured and 3 lost their lives.

There is a long tradition in India of promoting cow urine and dung as traditional remedies for various diseases. However, recently, a ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Suman Haripriya has suggested they could be used against the coronavirus as well.

Moreover, we also came across a video, in which a BJP leader gave another interesting theory on the origin of coronavirus. He said that Pakistan exported donkey’s to China which became the cause of spreading coronavirus in the country. He also said that the only cure to the disease is to drink cow urine.

Recently, Pakistan responded positively to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s offer to video conference to fight coronavirus.

BJP leader organised cow dung party

Well, Indian are ‘actually’ convinced that cow dung and urine can cure coronavirus.

Recently, an activist with India’s ruling party has been arrested after a volunteer fell ill from drinking cow urine at a party to combat the novel coronavirus. The interest has been growing in India amid the pandemic.

However, Narayan Chatterjee, a Bharatiya Janata Party activist, was arrested by West Bengal state police. He organised the cow urine consumption event and compelled a civic volunteer to drink cow urine.

coronavirus in india

source: BBC

On the basis of volunteer’s complaint, the police registered a case under Sections 269 [unlawfully or negligently spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life]. They have also imposed 278 [making the atmosphere noxious to health] and 114 [abettor present when a crime is committed] of the Indian Penal Code.

The BJP leader is now in police custody.

Cow urine is also being sold at Rs 500 a litre

Moreover, cow urine is also being sold at Rs 500 a litre in India. A milk vendor in Kolkata has set up his roadside shop to sell these products to ensure immunity from coronavirus. He is selling cow urine and cow dung at Rs 500 a litre and Rs 500 a kilo respectively.

On the other hand, Indian Dr Shailendra Saxena told BBC,  “There is no medical evidence to show that cow urine has anti-viral characteristics”.

Furthermore, the total number of novel coronavirus cases in India rose to 166 after a record number of fresh cases reported from the various parts of the country. However, Maharashtra has the maximum number of cases. According to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the total tally includes 141 Indian nationals and 25 foreigners.

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