New Windows?-Microsoft Ready To Pull Off The Strings From Windows 10

There have been rumors, that Microsoft is about to launch their newest edition of the operating system ‘Windows 11’ and many of the newspaper outlets also covered that flying news too.

But it feels like things are getting serious, as Microsoft has announced that they are going to support Windows 10 till 2025. That means 2025 will be the last year, in which the user might get their last latest update and that’s all.

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It might be another version of windows in the future for sure, it’s strange the way Microsoft announced this news and planned the retirement date as well.

Microsoft Will Stop Windows 10 Support

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Yesterday Microsoft officially announced that on 14th of October 2025 will be the end of Windows 10 and it’s happening right after 10 years of the launch of the operating system.

According to the Thurrott reports, it’s the first time Microsoft has ever described the end of support for Windows 10.

The way Microsoft revealed the news, there is a sign of having a new operating system that people have been talking about for years

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. There have been a lot of hints given by Microsoft related to Windows 10. Even the creators holding a special event to reveal ‘Next Gen’ OS this coming week.

But don’t forget and remember the day when Windows 10 launched. Microsoft said, that it’s the last version of the Operating System. But now from the 14th of October 2025, the user won’t be getting any security updates, windows updates, or any fixes.

Microsoft’s spokesperson said, “its successor will represent one of the “most significant updates” to the OS in the past decade.”

Developer evangelist and Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon came forward and said, “It’s going to be the last version of Windows”.

Have A Look Back At Windows 10’s Early Release

There’s no doubt everyone was excited when Windows 10 launched in 2015 and every single user bought it. But it came with many bugs that piled up enormous complaints from the users and Microsoft did everything to resolve them.

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Even the CEO Satya Nadella was also very much excited about the voice assistant of Windows 10 known as “Cortana” and believed that it would beat Siri of Apple.

But Cortana couldn’t pull off the strings from Siri and instead, Microsoft pulled of Cortana’s string this year in April.

Looking back in the early release here are some of the issues that every user faced.

  • Microsoft didn’t support the latest webcams due to Microsoft having a bug patch encoded.
  • Users complained that they have lost some of the files and emails too. Plus even the broken Wi-Fi connection and printers too.
  • One of the biggest accusations Microsoft faced in the early release of the Windows 10 is that the French data authority said, “Windows 10 gathered an excessive amount of personal data on users”.

Users faced hundreds of issues in the first year of Windows 10, but the company managed to resolve them quickly and let the users enjoy the Windows 10 experience.

Regarding the new OS, Mr.Nadella and chief product officer Panos Panay will be launching the new OS at a virtual event on the 24th of June. People are more into the modern design, some amazing features, new Start Menu and hope it won’t be a failure like Windows 8 series.

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