TVC Featuring Mathira Is Stirring A Lot Of Controversies Due Boldness

This TVC Featuring Mathira Is Stirring A Lot Of Controversies Due To Her Uncontrollable Boldness

There is no denying on how each time Mathira makes an appearance on the television screen, people start talking. Safe to say, Mathira is like the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan – not look wise, but based on how both these public figures (since they don’t have any other significant profession) conduct controversial acts.

Years down the lane, Mathira has done some massively controversial advertisements related to condoms.

Not just once, but twice Mathira did ads with this condom brand which raised a lot of concerns in the society.

Given how awful these advertisements made family planning sound, PEMRA had to put a nail in this ad because it was definitely not appropriate for the societal norms and mindsets. But as marketing gurus say, “There is no such thing as bad marketing”, safe to say both, the brand and the actress take full advantage of making controversial ads to get the dirty fame they seek.

The condom brand alongside Mathira released a new ad a few days ago. The situation in the ad revolves around how a guy standing in a shop is being hesitant to ask the shopkeeper for condoms. Instantly, Mathira storms in the store and very boldly, demands to purchase a pack of condoms.

Her confidence astonishes the shopkeeper and the boy who was shy when he wanted to demand a pack of condoms.

What’s disturbing about this article is how the brand has portrayed it. There is no harm for a woman to step into a shop and demand for any sort of item she wishes to require – be it sanitary napkins, condoms or anything else. However, a subject as taboo as seeing a woman purchase condoms herself is something new to this society. Regardless of how educated we are, men and women still restrict conducting such activities in public.

There is a way to give a message. As a woman, I am all in favor of women allowed to buy their own requirements themselves. However, the society we live in needs to be educated FIRST. Imposing that a woman can storm in a shop with such bold attitude asking for condoms,  can instantly backfire as our society doesn’t accept it as of now.

It is important for both, the endorsee and the endorser to look into how this society works and make advertisements accordingly. Nonetheless, it is quite visible how Mathira actually promotes such actions, given how she always works for them.

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