What Fun! Pakistani Women Are Loving The ‘Makeup Brush Challenge’

Dont rush challenge pakistan

Have you and your friends participated in the new TikTok trend known as the ‘Makeup Brush Challenge?’ You must, we will say. There is no shortage of TikTok/social media challenges these days anyway. People are keeping themselves occupied during the coronavirus lockdown in different ways.

And, now the ‘Makeup Brush Challenge’ or ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ is bringing makeup-lovers and friends together from a distance in a new and fun way. After hitting a global audience, Pakistani women are also attempting this new challenge on social media.

Well, Pakistani women, are beautiful and we know it. Pakistanis have come up with their own desi version of the brush challenge.

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How #DontRushChallenge started?

On March 22, Toluwalase Asolo, a 20-year-old business management student at the University of Hull, tweeted a clip with the caption, ‘The boredom jumped out’. To the song ‘Don’t Rush’ by UK rap duo Young T and Bugsey, she and her seven girlfriends changed looks seamlessly while passing around a makeup brush.

This one minute and 26-second video go on to amass 2 million views and become the popular #DontRushChallenge.

“We understand that in a period like this with nothing to do, a lot of people may slip into depression due to high levels of inactivity and idleness,” Toluwalase said in an interview. “So we decided to highlight the togetherness in isolation”.

The girls planned the video sequence of handing off the makeup brush and collected their respective footage for the challenge via WhatsApp. They were in their respective dorm rooms while self-distancing during the global coronavirus pandemic.

The whole essence of the challenge is to gather your besties (virtually) and show off your best transformations from your sitting-at-home wear to your going-out looks. The challenge is also to show off your natural beauty with no makeup, before brushing the camera to reveal your most glam self.

It has become a worldwide trend on Twitter and people across the globe are showing off their before and after look.

So, to do this challenge, grab a few of your friends and get started.


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