Edhi Donors Seek Clarification From Faisal On Giving Rs10 Million To PM

Faisal Edhi donation to Imran Khan

The head of Edhi Foundation Faisal Edhi has donated Rs10 million to Imran Khan’s Corona Relief Fund. But, the noble gesture of Faisal Edhi is being criticized by many. Prime Minister Imran Khan is also facing the wrath of the netizens for taking the money from a charitable organization.

“I thought Faisal Edhi is receiving the cheque from Imran Khan. No! He is actually donating to PM Corona Fund from the money collected from people who trust Edhi Foundation,” one Twitter user wrote.

People donate money to the Edhi Foundation based on the trust and believe that the money will be used for the right cause. Now, they are questioning Abdul Sattar Edhi‘s Foundation, the purpose of their donation if it was to be used for another cause.

An uproar on social media

People have always trusted the Edhi Foundation more than any government organization in Pakistan when it comes to helping humanity. However, it is now in hot water after people raised questions and doubted their credibility. For some people, it has also lost trust.


Many people are also criticizing Khan for taking the donation from a non-profit organization (NGO).

The premier recently announced the Corona Relief Fund to provide assistance to the weak segments. He also has been urging nationals to help those in need. Meanwhile, according to PM, the federal government is mapping deserved persons to directly provide them financial assistance.

However, still many people are living in misery and are complaining that no one came to their help. Most recently, Saleem Sabri, a close aide of late Amjad Sabri protested against the Sindh government for not giving him his compensation money. He is living in poverty during the ongoing virus but no relief program even has helped him so far.

Well, we are hoping that the PTI government’s intentions are good and it is trying to help the poor in this difficult time. However, we do want all the money raised to be used for the cause only. You know what we mean.


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