Kylie Jenner appears in NFT-themed ‘Treehouse of Horror’ segment

In an episode of “The Simpsons” with an NFT theme, Kylie Jenner makes an appearance

Over the past few years, Simpson has never disappointed us in predicting the future. Whether it’s 9/11, Donald Trump becoming the US president, or missing a submarine, which was predicted back in 2006,

Earlier this month, “The Simpson” predicted that the International Space Station would be destroyed by one of Elon Musk’s spaceships.

A successful digital entrepreneur, Jenner wasn’t afraid to have a little fun at her own expense.

The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode aired Sunday, and while it may have reignited some buzz in the NFT world, it also caught the attention of fans because Kylie Jenner’s voice starred in the episode.

The Halloween-themed anthology installment this year, titled “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV,” begins with Bart being turned into a non-fungible token. With the help of Jenner and her friends, Marge has to enter the World Wide Web and fight through the blockchain to save him.

Guest appearance by Kylie:

Marge and Homer meet with Jenner, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmy Fallon as the “enlightened minds who protect the crypto-verse,” of which Jenner provides the original voice.

Jenner quickly clarified things after Homer said he thought they were just ”celebrity shills“ for NFT.

She said, “We would not promote a technology without understanding the distributed ledger that underpins it.” In the next scene, Jenner prepares Marge for digitization and gives her the encryption key.

This key is a back door into the blockchain’s cryptographic protocol. Before finishing her thought, she snapped a duck-lipped selfie with Marge before saying “Once you are inside, find Bart and use it to get both of you out.”

Speaking of NFTs, many viewers are interested in knowing if Sunday’s program heralds the return of NFTs, given the show’s track record of accurately foretelling the future on a variety of subjects.

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