Another Prediction From “The Simpsons” May Make The World Tweet Again If It Comes True

simpsons elon musk prediction

Over the past years, Simpsons has never disappointed in predicting the future, whether it’s 9/11, Donald Trump becoming the US president, or a missing submarine which was predicted back in 2006.

Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons may have dropped another bold prediction about the future involving Elon Musk, his space rockets, and his ownership of X (formerly known as Twitter), and viewers took notice.

Fox’s long-running animated show has made predictions that have come true since the early 1990s, from the Ebola virus network monopolies to Game of Thrones plot points.

We have compiled the latest prognostications and what people have to say.

Simpsons Elon Musk Prediction

As part of season 35, The Simpsons broadcasted its fourth episode on Sunday, “Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story, “ a parody documentary about a young college dropout CEO named Persephone, voiced by Elizabeth Banks, who personifies Silicon Valley’s “fake it until you make it” philosophy. In the end, she charms Mr. Burns into funding her dream project, and they get married.

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An episode later, he gives her a birthday card as “little something special.”

“Is that a Twitter gift card?” she asks.

“No, I bought you Twitter, the entire company!” Burns says. ”It was a bargain; the previous owner had to sell it after his self-driving Mars rocket crashed into the international space station.”

The ironic reaction of viewers on social media, or Musk’s X, to be more precise, was to take notice of the alleged prediction and mark the occasion with a post in the event that it materializes.

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