UAE YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri Expresses His Love For Pakistan!

Khalid Al Ameri Pakistan

Over the years, Pakistan has revived itself in the tourism industry with countless foreigners visiting the country every year. Among other well-known faces of YouTube, recently, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) vlogger arrived in Pakistan. Khalid Al Ameri, a UAE based YouTuber, on Thursday, shared his experience in Pakistan in a video which was then posted on his official social platforms.

UAE vlogger Khalid Al Ameri expresses his love for Pakistan in a recent post!

Apparently, in the last few years, Pakistan has seen an evident boost as the security conditions of the country got better. Talking of tourism, earlier, Pakistan even topped the list of best holiday destinations for 2020 ousting 19 other world countries. Well, in the welcoming season, recently, the ethereal beauty of Pakistan made UAE vlogger Khalid Al Ameri fall in love with the country.

Here’s the full vlog from Khalid Al Ameri!

Landed in Pakistan, earlier in January, Khalid Al Ameri explored areas of Pakistan and instantly connected with the homey essence. To share every moment of his wonderful trip, the Emirati YouTuber was constantly posting on his social handles. Apparently, UAE’s Khalid Al Ameri was at first, stunned by the amazing hospitality and treatment he received in Pakistan.

”You will be surprised by the kindness, beauty and hospitality!”

Soon after his tour ended, Khalid Al Ameri compiled a vlog with the snaps and recordings he obtained in Pakistan. Apart from the safe circumstances, the vlogger further expressed his never-ending love for the country. Having his perspective about Pakistan totally changed, Khalid Al Ameri titled the vlog ”The Truth About Pakistan” clearing people’s misconceptions.

Quoted as observed, ”One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this trip is don’t always believe what the media tells you about a country or a community, visit for yourself, see for yourself and more often than not you will be surprised by the kindness, beauty and hospitality you will experience”.

”Their perception is completely different from the reality that I saw today!”

Talking about his landing in Islamabad, the vlogger said, ”When I told people I was coming to Islamabad in Pakistan, everyone had their perception of what this city was going to look like. But I can tell you one thing. Their perception is completely different from the reality that I saw today”.

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”I have been inspired by the people I’ve met that have built this city into what it is today. That wants to represent a Pakistan of tomorrow. And that, is what makes this country, and its people, truly, truly special”, he maintained. Moreover, Khalid Al Ameri showed respect to the country and ended the video with ‘Shukriya Pakistan’.

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