This YouTuber Traveled Across Northern Pakistan In Just 100 Dollars!

Northern Pakistan In 100 Dollars

Leaving past behind, Pakistan’s appreciating journey from terrorism to tourism has indeed set an example for the world. In recent times, the revival and safe environmental conditions of the tourism aspect has brought many foreigners to witness the eternal beauty of the country. Similarly, recently, a famous YouTuber called “Dear Alyne” created a vlog on her travel across Northern Pakistan in just 100 dollars.

How this American YouTuber traveled across Northern Pakistan in 100 dollars!

However, it is indeed a happening situation in Pakistan’s tourism industry as it is attracting foreigners in a large number. In this digital era, when the judgments are based on YouTube subscribers and views, recently, Blackpink became the first Korean K-Pop group to hit a billion views. Well, while exploring Pakistan, American based YouTuber “Dear Alyne” traveled across Northern areas in a minimal 100 dollars.

Check out Dear Alyne’s affordable and adventurous trip to the northern areas!

The Most AFFORDABLE Adventure?

This is PAKISTAN, like you’ve never seen it before! Pinterest like accommodation, Instagram worthy views, mouthwatering food, and friends for life! _____________________________________________________________Insta: @Dear AlyneEmail: if you're interested in learning how to make your own content, business, and videos at a weeklong women's retreat in Bali! This March 8-15, 2020.

Gepostet von Dear Alyne am Dienstag, 19. November 2019

It is not hidden that among other Asian countries, Pakistan is considered to be the most affordable one. Apparently, the American YouTuber visited Pakistan earlier this year and had an amazing experience, totally opposite to what the world pictures. Certainly, being a guest in Pakistan means a lot of saving as the hospitality of locals throughout the country is commendable.

The majestic beauty, the northern part of Pakistan holds!

Approached and accommodated by the Pakistani YouTube group “Karachi Vynz”, the country’s magnificent beauty fascinated the foreign YouTuber. Started from the metropolis Karachi, “Dear Alyne” experienced the culture, traveled to places and most importantly, felt safe. Moving on with her trip, the YouTuber then went on to experience the serenading northern areas of Pakistan.

In her northern vlog, “Dear Alyne” mentioned the little spendings she made while roaming around. As per the vlog, the foreign YouTuber experienced every local dish, rode in the local transport and spent nights in an igloo with a majestic view in just 100 dollars. Following the customs and traditions, Alyne was stunned to see the sheer hospitality of Pakistanis no matter which city she goes.

Here’s the breakdown of the YouTuber’s entertaining yet minimal spendings:

Breakfast in the beautiful mountains for 8 people= 8 dollars.

A cup of tea in the mountains= 25 cents.

A jeep with a driver for one day= 30 dollars.

A customized traditional dress tailored by locals= 16 dollars.

A rickshaw ride across the city= 1.50 dollars. (Though the rickshaw shown in the vlog looks Indian).

A boat ride in the lake= 75 cents.

A stomach-filling local night meal= 1.50 dollars.

A room structured as igloo with an amazing view in front of a lake= 50 dollars.

Eventually, in a total of 108 dollars, Alyne had the time of her life and will reminisce about the trip forever. Recalling a happening from the past, previously, an American Youtuber’s video talking to a Pakistani battery guy gathered a lot of virtual attention. However, having several internationally recognized personalities onboard displays the calming security concerns of Pakistan.

Throughout the vlog, Alyne compared her 100 dollars spendings in Pakistan with her hometown Los Angeles, America. As per today’s dollar rate, 100 US dollars exchanges to a wholesome 15,500 rupees in Pakistan. Still, the hospitality of locals and cheap prices got Alyne a mesmerizing experience and hopefully, she will visit the country again soon.

Have you visited the northern areas? Share your experience with us!

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