Pakistani Graphic Designer Unveils Karachi’s First-Ever Tourist Attraction Map

Pakistani Graphic Designer Unveils The Stunning ‘Karachi Tourist Attraction Map’

Yes, it’s finally here! At last, we have a tourist attraction map for our very beloved city of lights, Karachi. Many of us feel the need to explore the hidden ingredients of this city, but never know where to begin with. Heck, some of us don’t even know if there are any tourist spots besides the beaches.

Well, whether you are a Karachiite or an out-of-towner, here’s some good news for you. Graphic designer, Assam Altaf, who designed a tourist attraction map of Pakistan, is back with yet another amazing project. The lad has completed his tourist attraction map of Karachi. Moreover, this map features a total of 108 landmarks in the city. Can you believe it? 108!

Pakistani Graphic Designer Unveils The Stunning ‘Karachi Tourist Attraction Map’

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Besides the beaches, it includes historical buildings, educational institutes, hospitals, amusement theme parks, resorts, parks, religious worship spaces, industrial and residential areas, business hubs; and even the port.

Get ready to explore the ‘City of Lights’

Assam being a travel enthusiast believes in a sustainable travel lifestyle. In addition to this, he succeeded in completing the complex tourist map of Karachi after visiting the city at least 8 times to truly understand the essence of this city. It is to be noted that he originally hails from the city of gardens- Lahore. Being born and raised there, he had not visited Karachi till the age of 25.

Even though the graphic designer has worked on similar maps for Islamabad and Lahore, he thinks Karachi was the hardest city to map out. Assam took the news to his Instagram and wrote, “It was the most challenging map that I’ve drawn so far because Karachi has a mini country living inside it.”

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Karachi First Tourist Attractions Map Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and also known as city of lights. As an Artist, Karachi Tourist Map was most challenging map for me so far because it has mini country living inside. Karachi is a secular city of Pakistan and this city always welcome every religion and community from all over Pakistan and beyond borders. Karachi is also city of opportunities for every business person or for a career start up. To make you understand about this city, Karachi is more like Bangkok, Colombo, Mumbai and Cairo apparently or by nature. In fact, weather is almost same as above mentioned cities of the world. To understand Karachi or if you really want to feel this city, you have to live here and explore the hidden ingredients of this city of Pakistan. It took me around 7 to 8 visits to understand the value of this city and still there are so many things that I missed and need to explore or discover and dug into fore more details. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan and never visited Karachi till the age of 25, but after and onward my first visit, my level of interest and curiosity for knowing more about Karachi has been increased. Why? There are so many answers for this why. I believe this city has amazing potential to be the most developed city in the world like Dubai, Beijing, Singapore or New York. Development is always a basic element of tourism which can always help in boosting domestic or international tourism. On the other hand infrastructure plays important role in traveling and trading and I feel there are some factors, Pakistan government should focus on. Apart from the roles of government, as residents of Karachi, this is our role and duty to make our place beautiful and attractive which is an easy thing to do i guess and cost nothing but just some seeds of love. Read full about Karachi tourist map and places, you can download high resolution map from my website. #karachi #karachitouristmap #touristmap #karachicityguidemap #pakistantouristmap #khi #karachitopplaces #mustvisitkarachi #tourisminpakistan #brandpakistan #assamartist #creativemap #karachi3DMap

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Did you know that there are 5 islands connected to Karachi district? Well, now you do! This map will help you discover and explore so many places that you did not know of before.

Assam believes that in order to truly understand Karachi, you need to live here and spend a good amount of time exploring. In fact, the graphic designer believes that there are still so many things that he has missed and which need to be explored and discovered. In addition to this, he thinks that Karachi has the utmost potential to be the most developed city in the world like Dubai and New York.

This Pakistani artist is a man of many talents. In many ways, he has showcased the world with Pakistan’s potential in tourism. Prior to unveiling the tourist attraction map for Karachi, Assam has also blown us away with his stunning ‘Pakistan Tourist Attraction Map‘.


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