#JusticeForZahra: Journalist Ali Salman Arrested For Allegedly Torturing & Killing Wife

justice for zahra

An FIR has been lodged against a journalist Ali Salman Alvi for torturing and killing his wife Sadaf Zahra. Zahra’s sister Mahvish has filed an FIR against Ali and has also shared some terrible details about him on Twitter. Police have now arrested Ali over the murder charges.

According to the FIR, Ali called Zahra’s family and informed them that she has committed suicide. When they reached their home, she was hanging with the ceiling fan and was dead. Mahvish has however accused Ali of killing her sister. She said that Ali used to torture her and has been cheating on her for a long period of time.

Mahvish also provided evidence of Ali’s cheating on her wife Zahra on Twitter. She has shared the screenshots of his messages to other girls whom he was cheating with.

Ali is a womanizer and has many extramarital affairs

Ali is a womanizer and was blackmailing many women for money. Mahvish claimed that Ali was constantly abusing Zahra while she caught him having an extramarital affair with many other women. He also accepted his mistakes and begged for forgiveness from her. But, he continued to get involved in immoral activities.

“Zahra kept on forgiving him and giving him the second chance for their newly born daughter. During 3 years of marriage, Sadaf caught Ali blackmailing women for money, flirting and pleasing women for money. She was planning to move out soon after her daughter’s first bday, but he didn’t gave her that chance,” she wrote. 

The couple celebrated her daughter’s first birthday on June 20 and she was found dead on June 29.

Sadaf too in her personal Twitter account talked about the domestic abuse.

“Before getting hitched, we’re lectured about spending entire life ahead with compromises & inducing flexibility in our disposition. We are taught to make adjustments in all kinds of circumstances putting our self-worth at stake too if the times call for so. We are instructed to keep personal matters to ourselves, which is a good notion. But, what if the matters consist of abuse, violence, curse & toxic relationship?,” she wrote.

Such people deserve not only a punishment but a lesson for life. #JusticeforZahra is trending on Twitter. People are showing support to Zahra’s family and we hope Zahra gets her justice.


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