Another ‘Elite’ Pakistani Woman Goes Viral After Misbehaving With Traffic Police

Police Registers Case Against A Woman For Abusing A Traffic Cop

Another day, another story of a citizen abusing and misbehaving with a traffic policeman. What is with these people using privilege to insult the traffic cops? Since last year such cases are rapidly piling up, as the privileged continue to misbehave with the on-duty traffic police officers.

Videos of people abusing the traffic cops subsist to make rounds on social media. As of today, someone tweeted just another video of a similar incident.

You can clearly see the way this woman is threatening the traffic cop.

The sense of entitlement and disregard for the law

Those born with the privilege of affluence have successfully demonstrated their complete disregard for the law. In fact, they are so delusional from their sense of entitlement that they think they are capable of threatening and abusing the police officers.

In the video recorded by the traffic police, the woman is shown resorting to gross and barbaric language. Not only is she acting uncivilized but she is also threatening the cop after he tells her that she should be dealt by the lady police officer instead.

Fortunately, the incident has come to the notice of law enforcement and government officials subsequent to the video going viral on social media.

The Punjab Police has registered a case against the woman in the video. In addition to this, the case is registered under the provisions of interference in government affairs, the humiliation of uniform, and obstruction on the road.

Elite culture

What’s beyond one is what gives these people the courage to hurl threats at police officials. When you clearly know that you are the one at fault, why not just accept? But no, the sort of mentality these people possess is above our head.

By ‘these people’, we mean the many other citizens who have portrayed a similar behavior towards on-duty traffic police officers. A number of similar cases have piled up. Last year, a man was recorded misbehaving with the on-duty police official. Hence, this proves that it is not police officials who misuse their legal authority, it is also the citizens who shove their power in the face of these policemen.

The sense of superiority is evidently getting to the head of the so-called elites of our society. Somehow, the elite culture has made them believe that they are ‘above the law’. If they are not afraid of the law, what on earth would they be afraid of then?

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