Junaid Akram Proves this Milk Brand Safe for Consumption and Supreme Court Also Backs It

Recently, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) went into action against certain brands manufacturing unsafe and contaminated milk that people actively consume. It grew a concern among masses at large and people wanted a safe declaration backed by research and tests of the branded milk commonly available in the market.

With that being said, we just came across Junaid Akram’s quest for safe milk in Pakistan. He posted a video in which he visits Haleeb Foods Plant. He documented and spoke about the whole process of milk preparation and testified that Haleeb milk is completely safe and healthy.

#KnowYourMilk – Junaid Akram shows the manufacturing process and apparently vouches for Haleeb as the safest milk brand:

Doodh ka Doodh – Paani ka Paani

Doodh ka Doodh – Paani ka Paani

Posted by Junaid Akram on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Junaid’s video has resoundingly proved as a great source of growing awareness among masses.

Every consumer has a right to garner such knowledge and Haleeb granted Junaid transparent access to their manufacturing plant where he effectively showed us how all processes are carried out safely, keeping check of purity.

His video effectively delivers information a consumer would require in making a decision and is a must, must watch!

With that being said, Haleeb is officially declared fit for consumption by Supreme Court of Pakistan

It was also revealed that two independent international food testing laboratories tested Haleeb milk at the bidding of PFA (Punjab Food Authority), and declared it as fit and having quality standards. As a result of these tests, Haleeb’s UHT treated packaged milk met the particular quality standards.

Moreover, Haleeb can schedule visits for those who are interested and want to learn about their plant and manufacturing standards themselves.

Every Pakistani has a fundamental right to consume quality products. Milk is a sole necessity that we consume every day. Adulterated and harmful products should be negated on all grounds, and this is where Haleeb ensures our trust with resounding proof and reference about their milk being safe for consumption.

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