Is Coffee Behind The Cause Of Depression? Here Are The Real Facts

Living in the modern tech world where everyone’s schedule is so hectic, that anxiety and depression sort of diseases developed in people. Especially among the youngsters whose been facing depression and fighting against it.

But do you know that Coffee can reduce or say prevent you from having depression? Yes! It’s a myth circulating the globe, that the consumption of coffee can cause depression in you.

Source: Medical News Today

People believe the more you consume coffee, the more depressed you get and it’s the main root of it.

There’s no shame in admitting that coffee has its other health benefits too. But does it cure depression or it’s a cause of it? Instead of just believing in a myth, it’s better to dig deep down with the facts and real study.

Coffee is the cause of Depression-Myth or Opposite of it with Real Facts

Looking at the background study and research on this myth. The outcome might surprise you brilliantly, because according to the 2014 Japanese study, Coffee is a great element to reduce your depression. After all, “Some components in coffee might counteract the negative effects of depression.”

Source: Healthline

For those who don’t know, coffee does contain some chemical elements such as chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, and caffeic acid. These acids play a vital role in reducing depression because it hits the inflammation nerves of the brain.

Not only that, study shows that a moderate caffeine intake of fewer than 6 cups of coffee per day has been associated with a lower risk of depression

In a meta-analysis of observational studies including 330,677 participants, the authors found a 24% reduced risk of depression when comparing the highest (4.5 cups/day) to lowest (<1 cup) intakes of coffee. They found an 8% decreased risk of depression with each additional cup of coffee consumed.

Source: Eat This, Not That

Now people come and defend tea over coffee by saying tea is more powerful in reducing depression. In reality, no, tea is less effective compare to coffee in lowering the risk of depression.

Even Coffee has been approved that coffee lowers the risk of having cancer and chronicle diseases too. Although according to the myth coffee causes these two diseases.

 Dr. Alan Leviton’s Expert Opinion

Dr. Alan Leviton of Harvard shared his expert opinion on coffee and depression. “Evidence shows that coffee drinkers are significantly less likely to be depressed than people who do not drink coffee.

Source: Southern, Sweet & Sassy

“Coffee’s positive impact on mental health appears to be related to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and microbiome-promoting properties, which are also associated with coffee drinkers’ reduced risk of developing certain cancers and chronic diseases.”

Even in Spain, more than 14,000 university students participated in an experiment, where they had drunk four cups of coffee per day at least, and guess what more than 20% of them likely to be diagnosed with clinically significant depression.

Depression is the worst thing anyone can have, but don’t just listen to such myths that keep you away from the cure. Coffee is the cure of depression believe it or not because as mentioned above various studies connect coffee to lowering depression risk positively and it’s worth having.

So, don’t trust the myths drink your precious cup of coffee and reduce every ounce of depression from your mind.

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