How Major General Nigar Johar Khan Will Always Be Pakistan’s Pride

Nigar Johar Khan

Major General Nigar Johar Khan was promoted to her position as a major general in 2017. She has become the third women within Pakistani history to hold such a rank. Not to mention, she is an immense source of support for women and girls that are wishing to strive for a worthy position in the Pakistan Army.

Nigar Johar Khan

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She is a symbol of pride for many Pakistani women that struggle to overcome a third-world country’s patriarchy. Moreover, the Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari took to Twitter to congratulate and express her sentiments towards the General’s breakdown within Pakistani history. She said, “Major General Nigar Johar Khan – 3rd woman to get rank of Major General in Pak army – Respect. Women empowerment”


Background Of Nigar Johar Khan:

She belongs to the Panjpir village of Swabi district. This was recently confirmed by a member of the National Assembly (MNA) Wajiha Qamar. She tweeted, “Major Gen. Nigar Johar Khan, hailing from a Pashtun family of Sawabi is a 3rd woman in the history of Pakistan to get the rank of Major General in Pak army. She is a two-star general in Pak Army’s Medical Corps. Apart from being a doc, she is a sharpshooter too”

She further tweeted to acknowledge the boundaries that such women are breaking, “Pak has shown that it is committed to gender equality and women empowerment. Gender-specific jobs assigned by the ancient patriarchy are now adapting to the realities of the 21st century”

Nigar Johar Khan attended Presentation Convent Girls High School in Rawalpindi. Then graduated from Army Medical College. She has completed her Masters in Advanced Medical Administration from Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI) and is also the holder of a Master’s degree from University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Public Health. With her impressive educational background and quality skills to qualify her as a worthy individual for the position of a Major General, she has become one of the reasons Pakistan is proud.

Nicely enough, a lot of people have claimed her promotion and status within the Pakistan Army as a deserving position. Yes, people might still be unsure and in denial because of the fact that Nigar Johar Khan is a woman within the Army but social media has shown support for her hard work and dedication.

Her Approach Towards Her Rank:

Nigar believes that anything can be accomplished if one works hard enough to achieve it. There are no limitations because of a person’s gender. She also mentions that she lost her parents when she was young and that really contributed to making her mentally stronger. Moreover, it was the teaching of her parents, who taught her to think positively and appreciate the good in everything, which actually helped her within her journey till here.

Nigar Johar Khan

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Within an interview with Hilal For Her, she pours out her thoughts regarding her rank as the Major General. She said, “Allah has been very kind to me all my life and especially through this journey. My work has always given me happiness.  The drive to assist people in any way I possibly could has always thrived in me. My passion to help others remained my motivation” she further adds, “As I grew through age and ranks, each new rank was a challenge and was of utmost importance to me. I am grateful to Allah and then to Pakistan Army for granting me all this success.  Army works on merit and I am a testimony to the fact that you need only hard work to excel in the Army”

Even after achieving so much she remains humble and contributes her achievements to the assistance of Allah. Furthermore, her passion for the people also played a part in her dedication towards her goals; as, without that, she wouldn’t have been able to strive so diligently.

When asked regarding discrimination and the idea of women in the Pakistan Army, she mentions, “Gender discrimination is a social problem not only in Pakistan but also globally. Although the Army, as an institution, is open to the idea of women working shoulder to shoulder with men, as is evident by the considerable number of women serving not just in the Medical Corps but in other departments as well, one does come across minor issues at times”



But she also thinks that it is a duty to teach women that discrimination towards them is harmful, “However, these are gradually fading away. Gender discrimination can exist in any office and on any level of management, but that is not the problem. The problem occurs when we fail to teach our daughters and sisters to recognize that they are being discriminated. Being a woman requires you to work at least twice as hard, but once you are recognized for your resilience and work, you are respected twice as much”

Nigar Johar Khan

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Nigar understands that gender discrimination is very much prevalent and women have to work harder than men. And, women definitely deserve appreciation for their dedication and perseverance.

Twitter Reacts:

Social media is bringing up Nigar’s achievements once again, as there were people unknown of the idea that she had been promoted back in 2017.

The famous Hamza Ali Abbasi took to Twitter to convey his positive feelings regarding her rank, “Yet another proud moment for my beloved PAKISTAN… Say hello to the 3rd woman to reach the rank of Major General in Pakistan Army… Maj. General Nigar Johar Khan! May Allah bless you”

Within the replies, this user words it perfectly, “It is sad that seeing women at such positions is so out of the norm that we feel like celebrating it whenever something like this happens. I dream of a time when things like these are ordinary because its normal for all genders to equally compete in any profession”

This user is proud of our multi-talented general, “Apart from being a doctor and saving precious lives, she’s a sharpshooter too. See the 100 rifles insignia on the left pocket. The general not coming slow”


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