'Winter Is Coming' - Karachiites Prepare For The Season

‘Winter Is Coming’ – Karachiites Prepare For The Season

According to the geography book my sister was reading yesterday, (which I also read when I was at her age. Thanks to Sindh Textbook Board) winter season starts from the end of October and remains until December.  If the provided fact is correct then there is a good time coming. But about half of November has been passed and winter is nowhere in sight. Sometimes I think maybe Karachi will only enjoy summers throughout the year.

The way Karachittes wait for winter is equally similar to the way Lahoris wait for a trip to the seaside. Only God knows the reason behind the prayers which remain unheard. Anyway, many desi Karachittes (moms majorly) are waiting for “sardiyan” and taking pre-winter precautions. Here are 7 desi ways every Karachitte follows in the honor of winter:

1. By Taking Coffee Repeatedly

Some people like me (with a weak stomach) avoid coffee, but when a “thandi hawa ka jhonka” comes to Karachi, people start taking coffee instead of water.


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2. Ready? Get Blankets. Go!

Desi moms are actually more worried about blankets. They have to bring out all the blankets from their jehez me ai hoi pettiyan (steel boxes), send them to laundry or wash it themselves.


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3. Tareekh Pe Tareekh…


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As per the geography books we have, winter starts from the end of October, the people of Karachi who are deprived of rain and winter do their awesome responsibility. Marking each day on the calendars. Yes, these types of people still exist.

4. Kya Hoa Tera Wada???


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And they do repeat this statement every day until June comes on the board again. WTH!

5. Sweaters – Jackets – Gloves


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This is the first thing sensitive people do. They rush towards Lunda Bazar and search for one of the best Levis hoodies before anyone else finds out.

6. Peanuts All The Way


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In winter nights, all the foodies crave for dry-fruits and peanuts are obviously their first choice. Easily available and cheap. Karachittes start buying peanuts before winter so that it would be cheaper.

7. Panni De Laage Na Jaween


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Before winter start, most of the lazy Karachitte get scared of taking showers as they usually rely on perfumes during the whole year!

How do you wait for the winters? Share your efforts with us.


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