How Can Pakistan NOT Sympathize With Syrian Refugees?!

It doesn’t matter if you know what the Syrian conflict is about or not. In all honesty I hardly think it matters if you know the geo-political standing of one group in Syria in relation to another. What matters is how you view the sanctity of human life. How can one just sit there and watch all these atrocities take place against fellow human beings. I know that as Pakistanis we have for the most part become numb to such acts of violence and bloodshed because of the system that is prevalent in our society. We should however be able to sympathize with these refugees of Syria searching for a safe haven, because not too long ago most Pakistanis were also in a similar position, where they opted to leave their land, business, homes and money for the simple cause of a safe secure homeland. A place where there would be respect for the sanctity of human life and protection of religious freedom.

1. Can You Spot A Difference In The Way These Mothers Love Their Children


2. A Father Protects His Daughter Above All Else


3. The Worst Feeling For A Parent Is To Carry The Burden Of A Lost Child



4. The Struggle To Survive With Absolutely Nothing


5. Not Even A Decent Burial


6. Uprooted From Your Family And Home Searching For Any Sort Of Safety


7. Does The Importance Of Human Life Not Transcend Borders And Time


8. Is This Not As Distressing If It Happens To A people Other Than Our Own


We are always more than ready to protect the sanctity of Islam in our own country, however when it comes to protecting the Muslim ummah our government may not always want to let go of their specific political interests to do all that they can for a greater humanitarian cause . We blame European countries for not opening their borders to the Syrian people, however how many Muslim countries have opened their borders and their hearts for these unfortunate people.

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