This Guy Summarized What It’s Like to be in a Relationship Using Amitabh Bachan’s KBC Memes

Remember watching Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Amitabh Bachan while spending quality time with your family members and figuring out the correct answers? The show is now back with its season 9 and Big B continues hosting it with the same charm and style.

Bachan, regardless of his wide experience and age, continues making the game show fun in his witty hosting manner. Using shud-Hindi, he sometimes says words which are hard for a non-Hindu to understand. Despite that, his hosting makes the show even more interesting.

The Social Media Recently is Filled with KBC Memes Revolving Around the Statements Made by Amitabh Bachan!

The subtitles are a blessing.

Rana Talha Asfar from Lahore Just Used these Memes to Show What It is Like to Be in a Relationship

So It Begins

Goes to the Mixed Signals Part

The Torture Begins

And It Just Won’t End


Because You Just Can’t See them Go Through the Same Things…

The pain of relationships and the drama one experiences couldn’t have been expressed better than what Rana Talha did by using these memes.

If you an active fan of KBC, share some more memes with us!


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