DG-ISPR Invited This Sindhi Activist To Rawalpindi And The Way He Was Treated Changed His Opinions!

No matter what the world perceives of Pakistan, the armed forces of the country are always praised. The appreciation and respect Pakistan Armed Forces gather throughout the world for their immense hard work and dedication towards their country is phenomenal. Be it helping neighboring countries in need or protecting their own motherland, Pakistan Army brats ace it all.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, a guy named Fahim Ahmed Abro from Pakistan’s Karachi area, created a post on his personal Facebook account which caught people’s attention. The post was solely made to applaud the hospitality Abro received after being called in the Army Head Quarters, Rawalpindi and what was it like to meet Major General Asif Ghafoor, serving the nation as Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR).

This is the Facebook post, Fahim Abro gave on Facebook and its translation is provided below!

Translation: “It all started when Pakistan Army approached me a while ago. They talked me through my difference of opinion, kept reading my posts (Facebook) and I didn’t even know. One day they called me and there was an exchange of statements between us. I talked them through my thought process and they cleared my misperception. Youngsters of Sindh also love Pakistan Army. They respectfully invited me as a guest to GHQ (Army Headquarters) and told me that Director-General and the whole Pakistan Army loves every Pakistani and provided me with a full protocol.

They picked me up from the air valiant and took me inside. I then gifted the Director-General a Sindhi cap and Ajrak. He talked with me like an elder brother for 15 minutes and even gave me gifts for my parents and siblings. He asked me to keep the youth of Sindh united, forward his message and love to the youth and to stand with them. And I’ve decided to give my services to the Pakistan Army as soon as I’m back from London after completing my M.S. in Urology. Currently, for the love of Pakistan Forces, I’m creating a group of Sindh youth and arranging a seminar. I need Sindh youth’s support for now.”

The post got viral on social media and Pakistanis are loving the kind gesture of Major General Asif Ghafoor (DG ISPR).

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