Marvel’s New Movie Might Feature A Pakistani-American Woman Superhero And Finally, The Time Has Come!

If you didn’t know about Marvel’s first ever Pakistani-American Muslim superhero Kamala Khan who is a teenage Jersey girl, then you need to sit back and really take a hard look at your life. Ok, kidding! But seriously, the storyline and the comic series is absolutely fantastic. Pssst! Her parents are from Karachi that migrated to America. I’d leave you to find out the rest of her story, yourself!

So what’s the deal? Mindy Kaling just teased a possibility of Ms. Marvel making it to the big screens and how great that would be? She has been very supportive and a huge fan of Ms. Marvel’s character. She spoke to the studio bosses about the possibility of bringing it to the screens and according to her interview, they are excited and figuring out what to do with her character.

Here’s What Mindy Kaling Had To Say: 

Desi actors like Riz Ahmed and Kumail Nanjiani are quite excited at the prospect, said Mindy. Also upon being asked as to who should play the character, she simply stated that it should be an unknown actor. As that would be exciting!

Riz Ahmed cannot wait to get started working on the movie and who wouldn’t be excited considering Ms. Marvel’s debut made a huge wave among the public and it is about time Pakistani women make it to the biggest Marvel Universe and that too as superheroes. REPRESENT!

Everyone was stoked at Riz’s tweet but a bit iffy about the idea of Kumail working on it. Nonetheless, Kamala Khan is an impressive character with an equally great storyline created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, written by writer G. Willow Wilson.

Kamala’s character quickly became a fan favorite after its first appearance in 2013. Mindy’s interview stirred a storm but she clarified through a tweet that she has no clue about any movie or TV adaptation of Ms. Marvel, however, she is confident that it will make it big around the world.

Here’s Her Tweet Bursting Our Bubble Of Excitement. 

Let’s stay hopeful that Marvel decides to make an action-packed first ever Paksitani-American Muslim Superhero film. That’ll be a great representation of Pakistanis. Something definitely to look out for! In the meantime, go check out the comics.


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