Our Favorite FOODPANDA Is Back And They Are Providing Relief For Daily Wagers

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The COVID-19 coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, but adaptation is man’s best quality. After an initially harsh lockdown throughout Pakistan, the system seems to be relaxing slowly. Even though practicing social distancing and other precautionary measures remain important, life must go on.

Similarly, one of the most immensely important elements of our lives, our favorite food has returned to our homes as well. Yes, you guessed it correctly. foodpanda is back and every one of us knows how much we’ve missed it!

The past few weeks have been so tough for us, right? From our mental health to the lack of physical activities, the times sure have been tough. But you know what makes everything better? Our favorite food items that almost instantly cheer us up.

foodpanda is back

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Oh, how we’ve missed the burgers, the pizzas, the barbecued food, and everything else we are so used to. Yes, we do love food cooked at home, but there’s something about eating from our favorite restaurants that have become so important for us.

Finally, after the federal government eased lockdown restrictions, restaurants will now operate again and foodpanda will bring us what we need. Apart from getting our favorite items, the company has made sure that sanitary precautions are taken both for riders and gear used during orders.

The immense demand for foodpanda’s return was evident on social media…


It looks like our prayers were heard by the Almighty and the government because foodpanda is back and all you have to do is order now.

Not just fulfilling our craving, foodpanda is also looking after our unsung heroes during such testing times. The delivery app has taken up its mission of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a bid to provide relief to people struggling with this pandemic in Pakistan.

foodpanda has come out with a plan and teamed up with multiple NGOs including Saylani Welfare, UNAP, Shaukat Khanum, Indus Hospital and others. This service will support and raise money for the daily wagerers of Pakistan who have been affected most by the pandemic.

So how will it work? Simple. The foodpanda app will feature NGOs stated above as restaurants to raise funds. All you have to do is open the NGO you find most suitable and donate generously for the noble cause. The amount you donate will be added as a menu on the NGO’s respective landing page. The mode of payment can be online payment or cash on delivery.

Furthermore, the second phase of foodpanda’s CSR focuses on providing free meals to our warriors, the frontline workers. This includes all types of medical staff who have been fighting the coronavirus tirelessly.

Not just medical professionals, but law enforcement agencies working for a smooth flow of operations are included in this activity as well. foodpanda is providing free meals to all these professionals, so they too feel that we care!

So, what are you waiting for? Order now for yourself and others who need our support in these tough times.


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