Maulana Tariq’s Ehsaas Speech Irks Mediapersons, Liberal Feminists

tariq jamil ehsaas speech

Prominent Religious Scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil has addressed the nation on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic during Imran Khan’s Ehsaas Telethon last night. He found the correlation between a few flaws of the Pakistani society with the pandemic.

According to Maulana Tariq, Allah sent the virus upon us because of four major factors (lie, deception, vulgarity, and illegal/immoral earnings). He accused the media of spreading lies. The scholar also highlighted that this increasing vulgarity and women’s immoral dressing is causing the wrath of God.

Though, he was preaching people to follow the right path and seek forgiveness from Allah. But, like always some people feel it’s their national duty to troll anyone without even thinking.

These keyboard warriors and liberal feminists once again took to Twitter to take a jab at Maulana Tariq’s speech. Some believe that relating women’s (modern) clothing one with the global pandemic was wrong from his side. While calling the media ‘liar’ has also upset many.

Here’s how Twitteraties are lashing out at the scholar 

Take a look at few comments where Pakistanis are accusing Maulana Tariq of spreading hatred and wrong Islamic teachings.

A renowned GEO journalist also lashed out at Maulana Tariq for his comments on media and then connected it with politics.

However, apart from a few, many also showed their support to the religious guru. They said they trust maulana’s Islamic knowledge. According to them, he was only trying to warn people to beware of their deeds and seek forgiveness.

Where Ramadan is just around the corner, instead of making special prayers and shed some light on Islamic teachings, people are lashing out such personalities as Maulana Tariq. His life has been full of strugglings and examples about how he brought real changes in people’s life.

After his speech on PM’s Ehsaas Telethon, the event concluded on Thursday with a special dua. He prayed for the country’s well-being and urged the masses to abstain from vices. The prayers brought tears in the eyes of millions of Pakistanis.

Ehsaas Telethon

The telethon raised Rs550 million for people most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest television channels in Pakistan joined hands with the government on Thursday to raise funds for the people who have been affected the most by the coronavirus lockdown.

“We are in a situation that the world has never seen before,” said PM Khan. “The effects of the coronavirus lockdown will be seen soon. As we are living in extraordinary times, then our response should also be something that has never happened before,” he remarked.


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