Fixit’s Latest Protest over Myanmar Muslims Genocide in Karachi Is Raising Many Eyebrows

Alamgir Khan is a renowned personality among Pakistanis for leading open campaigns to highlight the negligence of civil sector towards citizens. A series of awareness campaigns and protests highlighting the shambolic infrastructure and general problems citizens of Karachi continue to face. We came to know of “Fixit” that is a platform dedicated to the cause of highlighting loopholes in our system and demanding the city administration to do its job.

Source: Times of Islamabad

So far, Fixit has remarkably achieved in its core terms. It also has brought local people in action to fulfill their individual roles of our society’s welfare. It has been commendable in all its forms but recently, a protest led against the mass genocide of Rohingya Muslims has seemingly backfired.

The manner of protest led by Fixit wasn’t what we expected from them

They branded it a “unique” way of protest. While there’s no problem in laying protests and we encourage more and more people to come out and voice it so that the world hears our plight, yet the fashion this protest was laid has hit a bad nerve with people.

Considering the good reputation Alamgir Khan and Fixit holds, such way of protest seems in appropriate.

Protest was led outside University of Karachi

via Fixit

Blooded mannequins presented on a fence; they called it a “unique way of protest”

via Fixit

Just too explicit and point-blank

via Fixit

Here is the original post:

#Fixit protesting in a unique way to awaken international community on Myammar Muslims Genocide outside Karachi University

Posted by Alamgir Khan on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pakistanis are not impressed either…

People started commenting soon after they posted on Facebook

Apparently, it didn’t amuse Pakistanis

They poured in some constructive criticism


Many comments followed the post


Our prayers are with the Muslims in Myanmar who are inflicted with unrelenting pain and persecution by extremist groups.

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