The Way Fawad Khan Helped Grow His Wife's Business

The Way Fawad Khan Helped Grow His Wife’s Business Should Be Your Couple Goals!

Fawad Khan is one of the prime celebrities that Pakistanis so adore. He is an enigmatic figure, the one that continues to charm the hearts of millions and yes, a great actor. Come to think of it, Fawad Khan is easily a top rated actor our Entertainment industry has. He can set great miles for projects he is a part of and we can surely tell that.

There are many celebrity couples that Pakistanis admire. They continue to set great examples and many Pakistanis look up to them. So many couples and you must not forget the couple of Fawad and Sadaf. Sadaf Fawad is an elegant lady who happens to be the wife of Fawad Khan.

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They married in 2005 and have 2 children: a boy, Ayaan who is now 5 years of age and a newly born daughter in October of 2016. Sadaf may be considered one of the luckiest Pakistani ladies considering the fact that she is the wife of Fawad Khan, but she absolutely is someone doing great things for herself too.

Recently, Fawad flew all the way to Dubai to help his wife grow her business

The Pakistani actor joined his wife in Dubai where she is showcasing her bridal collection at an exhibition. Fawad knows his importance and it can do wonders. He is making use of his reputation and image in endorsing his wife’s business. He claims to support Sadaf in all ways he can.

A large number of actors surrounded both Fawad Khan and his wife. Fans thronged at the exhibition and took selfies with Fawad. Fawad was already a big reason for people to gather up, but Sadaf’s bridal collection also stole much attention.

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Fawad and Sadaf are absolute couple goals! They continue to charm us and have set a brilliant example as to how a husband and wife should be. We all know how busy a schedule Fawad must have, yet he spared time as much as he could to fly to Dubai and endorse his wife’s business. It is also incredible that Sadaf is an aspiring entrepreneur who alone is laying great stress of making a name for herself.

What do you guys think about the couple of Fawad and Sadaf?

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