Here’s How Islam Talks About the Importance of Intercourse Among Husband and Wife!

“To mankind has been made to seem decorous the love of (worldly) desires, including women and children.” – (Quran – 3:14)

When it comes to discussions regarding the matters that revolve around intercourse, for Muslims, it is a subject which is frowned upon due to the cultural aspects. On the other hand, Islam also instructs the followers and the preachers to keep the discussions regarding sex private as it is indeed regarded as a private matter between the two.

This stresses how the husband and wife must properly discuss their sex life with another as highlighted in numerous hadiths from the Prophet Muhammad SAWW as well.

Between a husband and a wife, intercourse is regarded as one of the pleasures in a marriage. Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq narrated, he asked his students about the most pleasurable thing, to which they said, “There are many pleasurable things.” and Imam Jafar added, “The most pleasurable thing is making love with your spouses.” – Wasāil ash-Shī~a, vol. 20, pg. 23, no. 24929


Holy Prophet SAWW said, “In your world, women, and perfume have been made dear to me.” – Narrated by Ahmad, 3/128; al-Nasaa’i, 7/61

On another occasion, Abu Dharr reported that Prophet SAWW said, “In the sexual intercourse of any one of you there is a reward.” They said, “O Messengerr of Allah, when any one of us fulfills his desire, will he have a reward for that?” He replied, “Do you not see that if he were to do it in a haraam manner, he would be punished for that? So if he does it in a halaal manner, he will be rewarded.” – Narrated by Muslim, 720

Intercourse Is Regarded as An Act of Worship Among Husband and Wife

The Prophet Muhammad SAWW regarded sex as a charity while talking to a companion:

“Are you fasting today?” The companion replied, “No.” The Prophet asked: “Have you given anything as charity today?” The companion replied, “No”, so the Prophet told him: “Go to your wife and that is your very charity to her.” – Narrated by: Ibid., vol. 20, pg. 109, no. 25163, a similar hadith calls intercourse a form of charity in Muslim, 1674

Among the busy routine of the life, don’t forget to engage with your husband and wife in this act of love, passion, and kindness, for it has been regarded well by the Prophet SAWW of Allah!

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