This Exclusive Interview of Jeremy McLellan Shows How Much He Enjoyed in Pakistan!

When it comes to a foreigner coming to Pakistan, everyone is surprised, especially when it’s someone from the country which takes Pakistan as a threat to humanity. Many in the United States of America consider Pakistan as the number 1 country of terrorism. Many Americans not only hate Muslims but share their hatred for Pakistan, aside from this one man.

This man, who we often read on social media speaking for the minorities in the US decides to visit Pakistan. Despite posting how Americans opposed the idea of him coming to Pakistan, he still visited our land and roamed around like a true Pakistani. He grasped the roots of this country, made jokes among Pakistanis and stayed here like a true Pakistani.

The American Comedian Jeremy McLellan Who Came to Pakistan and Won Our Hearts!

Facebook: Jeremy McLellan

Jeremy came to Pakistan to give us all some great laughs, but it seems like he is leaving after being one of our own.

Parhlo got in touch with the McLellan and got some insights regarding his trip to Pakistan. Here’s what he shared with us.

When asked what he loved about Pakistan the most, he had nothing, but love for the locals here. “Definitely the people. Very hospitable, very funny, passionate, and a true joy to be around. Best thing is the hospitality, but sometimes they don’t take no for an answer. Gotta refuse food and chai 100x before they leave you alone!”

Jeremy’s favorite moment in Pakistan was celebrating our Independence Day like a true Pakistani. “Definitely driving around on 14th August out the top of our sun roof while live streaming to thousands of fans. 

Highs were seeing all the sights, visiting Sultan’s family, and performing for sold out crowds. Lows were getting sick for two days, but I suppose that makes the trip more authentic.”

According to Jeremy, he came to Pakistan at the request of his fans and friends, he performed in the major cities, such as Islamabad and Lahore and visited a few rural areas as well. He did, however, miss out on visiting Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi. Upon asking if he would revisit to see our City of Lights, Jeremy said, “Yes absolutely. Planning on next April, God willing. Have to go to Karachi and the northern areas.”

Speaking of rural areas, Jeremy visited Baddomalho and enjoyed there the most. When asked which destination was his favorite, he said, “hard to decide. Loved the cities of Islamabad and Lahore, but I also really enjoyed going to a small pind called Baddomalhi.”

It was indeed an honor for us Pakistanis to enjoy the presence of Jeremy while he entertained huge crowds. Hope people like him can promote the positive side of Pakistan in the world.

Thank you, Jeremy McLellan, for coming to Pakistan. Until next time, Allah Hafiz!



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