This Aussie Journalist Is Roasting the Life Out of Indians and People Can’t Stop Laughing!

If you have been paying attention, chances are you are keeping with the mainstream news. Shahid Afridi is back in the mainstream spectrum, the issue of Kashmir and Indians fretting over it is also going on in full swing. That’s not all, a large Twitter debate is going on which has totally engulfed Indians and Pakistanis.

People from these two nations continue to call out on each other. It’s like a bubble has burst and all everyone has taken shape of airborne particulars bursting their way through one another. Meanwhile, an international journalist from Australia, Dennis Freedman, is making everything absolutely entertaining with his remarks. He is a pro-Pakistan cricket and loves to troll Indians every now and then.


These days, the Aussie journalist made his Twitter an absolute treat of entertainment…

Here are some of the major highlights of what goes on Dennis Premier League’s Twitter profile:

A reaction to Shahid Afridi’s tweet about Kashmiris suffering

There he goesssssss



Quality banter from this dude, seriously!

“Afridi owns idea” 😀

HAHAHAHA loved how he didn’t give two thoughts about it



Oh Lord!

How about 1?


In the end, he summed up everything really well…

You are brilliant, Dennis. Never change.

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