Cricket Enthusiast Dennis Freedman Gets Rude Awakening After Targeting Pakistan Day Parade Ceremony!

With the Pakistan Super League in full thrust, every private entity has tried to make the most of the tournament, turning it fruitful for themselves. With the final match still to be played out, a massive controversy erupted on Twitter, regarding the PSL and one of its private stakeholders.

You might not know much about Dennis Freedman, but Twitter surely does. Dennis is a cricket enthusiast from Australia, who has toured the UAE and Pakistan after being funded by Pakistanis through a charity campaign. Dennis, previously, had followed the PSL, but this time, he visited and vlogged his journey.


The people were loving Dennis’ tweets and vlogs, extremely fond of his love for Pakistan. However, on 23rd March, on Pakistan Day, Dennis Freedman became subject of a huge controversy after he tweeted against the Pakistan Day Parade.


The tweet, which has now been deleted, reads: “On Australia Day, we just have BBQs and head to the beach. Why do some countries choose to display weapons of mass destruction as a symbol of peace? Time to grow up, Pakistan!”


After this, Dennis further went on to say that naming the stadium in Lahore after a Libyan Dictator (Gaddafi Stadium), was a bad move as well. As soon as these tweets were out, Pakistani Twitterati started calling Dennis out, giving him the rudest of all awakenings, saying that he was nothing but a hypocrite.

This is how the Internet reacted to Dennis’ tweets on Pakistan Day

Maybe, the people on social media were too harsh on Dennis for his opinion. Labeling him as a ‘gora’ who was here because of the ‘color of his skin’ is going too far. Other than that, the Pakistan Day Parade is held for a reason, and our neighbors very well understand that.

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