Dear Society, What Is More Important- A Woman’s Life Or The Way She Sits On A Motorcycle?

Imagine this- you’re sitting on a bench. It’s bit elevated and your feet aren’t touching the ground so you need to lean forward to balance it. There is no support for your back so you can’t lean backward either.

Suddenly, the bench starts moving sideways at a speed of 50km/h. You have no idea how to balance yourself and you’re completely terrified because the bench keeps swaying as it turns. You wonder why you ever sat on it in the first place and make up your mind to never do it again.

Did you find that entire experience absurd and something no human being should ever have to do? Then why on earth do you, as a member of society, insist that women sit sideways on motorcycles?

source: Dawn

Motorcycles are not as safe as cars. There are multiple reasons for that- there is no exterior protection, they are hard to balance, and even if you do everything right, a careless driver can still cause an accident which could potentially be fatal.

If men are pillion riding (double sawaari), they sit with their legs on either side of the motorcycle. But when women do it, they have to sit sideways. This is one of the most dangerous things ever. Not only does that leave the woman unable to balance herself in the case of an emergency, it also leaves her with just one arm to support herself because the other one won’t reach the driver.

A woman’s life is more important than the way she sits. Just because it looks “unladylike”, you cannot put her life at risk. It is because of this very stigma that women driving motorcycles, is frowned upon. It is a simple action of driving a vehicle. Let women do what they want, whenever they want. They won’t threaten your masculinity just by sitting like men or driving a motorcycle.

source: Express Tribune

source: Express Tribune

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