Daraz’s New Feature ‘Trade Up’ Is Making Pakistanis Ditch Their ‘Old’ Phones For New Ones!

Buying a new phone can cost a fortune at times but when you don’t have an option, you end up spending a hefty amount or end up getting a brand new phone on installments. Right?

Let’s face it. We all love us some nice, chamakte huay phone without a single scratch. But reality hits us hard when we can’t afford a new one!

Well, let’s not worry about that anymore!

Daraz has introduced a new feature called ‘Trade-up’ through which customers can exchange their phones for a voucher on the platform. Once you receive the voucher, you can then use that voucher to buy a brand new phone from Daraz! Yes, this is true and we’re not even kidding.

Curious to know how it works? Here’s how!

First, log onto the Daraz app enter the details of your existing phone handle. You will be presented with an option of four tiers, each one describing the state of a handset in terms of whether it has scratches on it or if some of accessories are missing. Select the tier that best describes your handset and enter the brand and model of your phone.  Daraz will automatically generate an estimated value of your phone.

What happens next?

So, once you’re done with the online procedure, you will then need to visit a Daraz hub where a third party will run a quality check and that’s when you’ll be given a final offer!

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And if you accept the offer, a voucher will be generated by Daraz and you can use it to buy a brand new phone on Daraz. How amazing is that??!

For now, the ‘Trade-up’ service is available for the customers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and Daraz has listed 64 phones that can be traded up at the moment.

Convenience at its finest!

Daraz ‘Trade Up’ is the most convenient way for customers to ditch their old phones and buy a brand new phone without any hassle!

Like the sound of this? So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to trade your phones!

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