The Holographic Shaheen On Pakistan’s Independence Day Has Left All The Karachiites Absolutely Mesmerized!

Pakistan just celebrated its 73rd Independence Day and although the country and its people have been through a lot and still are, Pakistanis kept the national spirit alive this Independence Day but in brilliant, different ways!

EFU Life, the leading life insurance provider in Pakistan came up with a unique idea for all the Pakistanis out there and went a little out of the way this time to surprise the nation! The celebration featured a mesmerizing display of Shaheen (Falcon), flying over national monuments of Pakistan using holographic technology. Yes, you read that right!

Here’s how EFU Life uplifted the spirits of the biggest occasion in the country – With the biggest holographic display in Pakistan!!

Got the goosebumps yet? 

But why a shaheen you may ask?

Well, the Shaheen (Falcon) depicts resilience and foresight. Moreover, it encompasses the strength that conquers, amidst challenges and difficult situations. Hence, EFU Life has named its Independence Day campaign ‘EFU Life Ka Shaheen’.

What’s more beautiful is the thought process that has been put into this brilliant campaign! The essence of this campaign can be captured beautifully through the poetic words of the late Syed Sadiq Hussain,

“ Tund ye baad-i-mukhalif se na ghabra ae uqaab,

Yeh tou chalti hai tujhe ooncha udaane ke liye.”

which means,

 “Don’t You Get Frightened of the Furious,

Violent winds, Oh Eagle!

These Blow only to make you fly higher.’ 

EFU’s hologram technology won so many Pakistani hearts because, why not? Have a look at what they had to say!

1. Pakistanis applauded EFU Life’s holographic display!

2. Indeed it was amazing!

3.  Smooth execution!

4. Imagine witnessing the sight live!

5. This is BIG!

6. Absolutely brilliant!

7. Beautifully executed!!

EFU Life cannot have made independence day any better than this for Pakistanis! The perfect way to celebrate our
pride, our unity, our azaadi!

Let us know what you think about EFU Life’s brilliant initiative in the comments below!

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