These Cringeworthy Viral Songs About Ramadan Will Make Your Head Hurt

If you thought only reciting Naats is a popular trend in Ramadan, you have not seen what some people are up to. Normally, you would expect people to embrace an elevated level of spirituality and abstain from evils as well as those things that are forbidden by our religion in the first place. You would see everyone, at least for a month regulating their activities and pretty much be indulging in spiritual acts. That’s the normal perspective unless you are paying attention in the past few years and noticing some shocking things happening in full swing.

Source: Funvilla

Just when you thought the atmosphere was thumping with only spiritual deeds and everyone is being fully observant of Ramadan, let me introduce you to some shocking things people have done. There are certain songs about the holy month – you read it correctly – that would boggle your mind! These people have made obnoxious songs that will totally make you question their agenda about the core essence of this month.

Here are some of the obnoxious songs made about Ramadan that would make your ears bleed

WARNING: View at your own risk. We are not responsible if you break your device’s screen after watching these so-called Ramadan songs.

1. The one that would void your fast (somebody, stop this kid from reproducing)

Just watch this thing’s – yes, I’d call it a ‘thing’ instead of human – expressions. He looks constipated and is forcing it out like a bug.

2. You’d puke on this one

They simply can’t ditch Bollywood songs. My Lord, why associate the holy month with this kind of crap?

3. You’ll need therapy after watching this one

Another Bollywood song… Do these people have a sense of what’s wrong and right? How can anyone even endorse it? Seriously judging their conscience here…

4. Consider yourself tough AF if you get through this one

Next time you want to convince your mom about something, follow these kids… I can almost imagine a flying chappal right across your face if you go like, “pyaari ammi, pyaari ammi”

5. Hang on, legend, there’s one more…


You just made it through the most cringeworthy content about Ramadan there could ever exist in the history of mankind. Seriously, WTF are these people even thinking? They are absolutely losing the sense of this month. It wasn’t introduced to dance and go gaga about it this way.

It’s about time media authorities take action against this kind of content because it’s everywhere on the Internet. It is only putting the Muslim community to shame!

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